Worship Services

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, worship is continually evolving.  Currently, Friday night services are at 6:30 PM and twice a month, worship is outside (in front of TABI) and all are welcome as long as you wear your mask and we encourage you to bring a comfortable folding chair. 
This service will also continue to be available via LiveStream and the link is here on our website.

Erev Shabbat

Regular Shabbat services start at 6:30 pm.

Shabbat Rocks!

Shabbat Rocks! services start at 6:30 pm on the first Friday of each month

Shabbat Morning

Shabbat morning services start at 10:00 a.m.


Every Tuesday morning at 8:00 am.

Guidelines for Reopening TABI

After a very long and difficult 15 months, we are finally getting back together again at TABI.  The pandemic is certainly not “over” and we still need more in our community to get vaccinated to protect each and every one of us.  The way forward continues to be one of faithfully discerning the signs of the times and responding accordingly.  “Pikuach Nefesh” – saving lives – is always held above all else in our tradition.

We continue to face difficult choices between our religious needs and communal desires and what is safe and sound.  It seems that as each day passes, organizations like the CDC seem to indicate can do a bit more resembling our pre-pandemic lives.  

We continue to consult with local and state officials, and we follow closely the guidelines of our Reform Movement to help us revise our plan for resuming our spiritual life at TABI. We will continue our Streaming and ZOOM meetings and opportunities for people to connect – especially if they are not yet comfortable coming back into the building.   This “multi access” approach to Jewish living will most likely be part of our “new normal.” We appreciate your flexibility, patience, and support as we move through the reopen phases.

We pray for a spirit of discernment, for wisdom, and patience. We pray for researchers and medical professionals; for the planners; for the ill and recovering; for those grieving and struggling with the weightiness of these times. May the memories of those lost to COVID-19 live on for a blessing.

Spring 2021

  • Masks will still be worn in the building.
  • We will continue to maintain appropriate distance between service leaders and members of the congregation.
    • Service honors will begin to be reintroduced as things continue to improve.
  • All members and approved visitors may join us for worship.  We will continue holding online worship services via LiveStream as well on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • 2 Friday Evening services a month will be held outside in front of the building.  
  • Tuesday Minyan will meet at TABI while continuing via ZOOM for those who are remotely participating.
  • Life Cycle Ceremonies (weddings, funerals) can resume in the Sanctuary. If you need to help set a limit, consider using immediate family.
  • Religious School continues to meet back at TABI with all wearing masks and observing social distancing.
  • Barbie will continue to work 2 days from home.   
    •  Those coming into the office will need to wear masks.
    • Masks will be available by the front door for those that don’t have one coming in.


General recommendations:

  • We will keep a “check in” sheet at the front door.
  • The Check in spreadsheet will have a column for vaccine verification. Please either bring your vaccine card with you or email a photo of your card or the vaccine certification from the Indiana Department of Health.
  • Each member coming to services will need to have a signed “waiver” on file.
  • Security will be present once members are allowed back into TABI.
  • Wearing face masks while at TABI is required.
  • The use of nametags will be discontinued until further notice.


High Holy Days

We are planning on in person High Holiday services for the fall. We do not know yet what the layout, seating capacity, congregant honors and participation will be. More information will follow over the summer.