Religious Studies

Religious study encourages the understanding of

Shabbat, Jewish holidays, and Jewish symbols

Blessings, customs, and life cycle events

Torah stories and their relevance in our lives today

Mitzvot (commandments, values, and good deeds)

Connections between Torah, worship, and our lives

An appreciation for the people and State of Israel

The history of the Jewish people

The Holocaust and  anti-Semitism

Jewish food, music, arts & crafts, and children’s literature

Tzedakah projects and social action

Religious Studies

The Temple Adath B’nai Israel Religious School seeks to provide a Religious education that is:

  • age appropriate
  • engaging
  • informative
  • creative
  • identity building for students pre-k through Confirmation. 

Because God, Torah, and Israel are major tenets of Judaism, these core concepts are the foundation of our school curriculum.  The enduring understandings we seek to foster are a sense of God, a love of Torah, and a connection with the people and land of Israel.

Our students experience Judaism through holiday celebrations, performing mitzvot (commandments/ethical living), participating in Shabbat worship, and g’milut chasadim (acts of loving kindness).  Active participation in Jewish learning is a pathway to building community, enriching spirituality, sustaining Jewish continuity and tikun olam (repairing the world).