TABI School

TABI School strives to help each student in kindergarten through high school develop a positive Jewish identity and a deep connection to the Jewish community.

Kindergarten thru Confirmation (when students are in high school) teaches Judaic studies and Hebrew through discussions, music, projects, and crafts. Students explore Jewish values, Torah stories, holidays, and prayer. Each religious school session includes Tefillah (prayer services) to help develop a holy community and reinforce the prayers and songs the students learn in class.

Preschool—B’nai Mitzvah—Confirmation

Religious and Hebrew education are available to children of families who are members of TABI.

Religious School meets on Sundays throughout the school year.  Jewish holidays, celebrations, and commemorations are celebrated and studied.  We hope our children will learn to take pride in their heritage. Hebrew study begins in the preschool and continues throughout all classes: reading readiness, basic vocabulary and daily prayers.

4th through 7th grade focuses on prayer-based Hebrew, reading fluency and comprehension of liturgy.

Our b’nai mitzvah students receive individualized preparation to become bar or bat mitzvah under the guidance and support of the education department, clergy, lay leaders, and mentors. In the b’nai mitzvah program, students will: 

Prepare to lead the Shabbat service in which they become bar or bat mitzvah

Learn to read or chant Torah and Haftarah portions

Explore and participate in social action programs and projects


Our success depends on the commitment of our teachers, students, parents and the support of the TABI Community.