October 26, 2023 – TABI Announcements

To all TABI Families:
These past few weeks have been so very difficult, heartbreaking and confusing for so many of us. My emails and voicemails have been flooded with so many questions and concerns. One common theme is that so many don’t feel as though they have the background or knowledge to adequately answer the questions from those around them – especially their non-Jewish friends. I have said so many times that each of us are ambassadors for this congregation and for Judaism everywhere we go in this community. People turn to us and assume that we can answer their questions.
To that end, I will be teaching a comprehensive history of the Israeli/Palestinian crisis and the war with Hamas on Sunday morning, October 29th at 10:00 AM. This teaching will join my scheduled Family Education class which is studying “Israel” as this year’s curriculum. 
This teaching session is for TABI members and their families. Those who are studying with me currently towards conversion are also welcome. This is not for your friends and not for the outside community and this will NOT be streamed on Facebook. Thank you for understanding. 
I hope to see many of you on Sunday at 10:00 AM in the Sanctuary.

This is our annual event where we raise money to provide food for those spending the holidays in temporary housing and shelters.  
Typically, we recommend a donation of $35.00 per basket, but as you know, the prices for food have skyrocketed so please consider donating what you can. All of the money we raise goes to our partner agencies who have come to count on our baskets each year. 
To make a contribution, please go to the TABI website or make your check payable to TABI and send it to Penny in the office. Thanks!!

Last Social Committee meeting of the year! Sunday, October 29th, immediately following the teaching session on the Israel/Palestinian crisis. We will meet at the synagogue. ​​​​​​​
TABI is excited to announce the restarting of the Women’s Torah study beginning at the beginning with B’reishit. Join fellow congregants as we bring the women of the Torah into the limelight and bring women’s perspectives into the interpretation of our sacred text.  These “lay lead” study sessions will be held before Saturday morning services, allowing us to bring new perspectives and enriching the discussions during regular Shabbat services.  

Save the Dates: More Information to Follow
November 4: Vayeria
December 2:  Vayishlasch
Jan 6:  Sh’mot (Beginning Exodus)
Feb 3: Yitro
March 2:  Ki Tisa
April 6:  Sh’mini
May 4:  Acharei Mot
Thank you to those who have helped restock the grocery and gas cards for our Give One Take One program. We always can use more, so please think of those who are in the need the next time you go to the store or the gas station and perhaps pick up one $20.00 card to donate. The baskets are located on the wall next to the Rabbi’s office.
For the past many years, our worship has been streaming on LiveStream. Each week, a link is created and sent out via email and our “channel” is also accessible via our website. Livestream and Vimeo have merged, and they are doing away with “basic” plans like ours. The cost to continue our service is
now prohibitive.
For the foreseeable future, our service will now stream on the TABI Facebook
page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100064549665595