Jewish Resources & Websites

Synagogue Match - A web site designed to enable Reform congregations across North America to reach out and welcome those who are new to their communities.  Here's how it works: when you complete the online form with basic information about the individual or family who is moving, Synagogue Match automatically informs up to three nearby Reform synagogues of their move. The synagogues are then able to make contact and extend a welcome.

Kosher Products - This site offers every kind of Kosher food products online.  They also offer Kosher cosmetics, silver, and jewelry. 

Star K Kosher Certification - This site includes extensive information regarding Passover preparations and foods, Sabbath Mode appliances, as well as detailed articles that address fascinating kosher aspects of popular foods. Besides kashrus, there is a whole lot more!

Kosher Delight - This popular site dedicates its content to serving the Jewish Community of the World.  Their aim is to give our unique visitors information from different Jewish communities and sources, and to connect between the Jewish Communities in the Diaspora and in Israel.

Maven Search - A  leading Jewish directory and search engine for Jewish content related websites.

What Jews Believe - Information about what Jews believe and links to other Jewish sites.

Jewish Learning  - It's one of the best Rabbi Friedman has ever seen!

URJ - Union for Reform Judiasm (of which TABI is a member)

Click On Judaism - Helps young Jews connect with the Reform Jewish tradition.

Shamash - More Jewish/Israeli information.  Also access to several Jewish mailing lists.

The Jerusalem Post - Internet Edition - Israel's popular English language newspaper.

Globes - Israeli Business newspaper

Collection of Jewish/Israeli MIDI (music) files - this is a large collection.

Virtual Jerusalem